Homebuilders is a class originally intended for couples in the 40-60 year old range, but welcomes any adults, married or single.  This class attempts to apply Biblical truth to every area of life including home, work, family, and even interaction with the culture.  Homebuilders integrates discussions with traditional teaching in both topical and expository lessons.  While the class leader will ask thought provoking questions and discussions are both common and welcome, Homebuilders seeks to create an environment that is sensitive to those who would rather not talk.   This class begins each week with a time of fellowship and also incorporates other fellowship opportunities throughout the year including a Christmas fellowship and the occasional after-church luncheon in member’s homes.  Homebuilders seeks to help meet the needs of class members who are facing times of difficulty as well.  

The class is led by Jerry and Twila Horne and meets in room #203 on the second floor of the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings.