Core Values


In 2016 Heritage Baptist Church turned 30.  As we were celebrating this landmark of God’s faithfulness we took the opportunity to reflect on who we are as a church.  During that time we refocused on 8 core values that have defined us as a group, and that we believe will continue to define our mission and our focus in the future.

1. The Primacy of Scripture as our core - The Word of God is our foundation and the teaching, preaching, and study of the Word is our life-blood.  We are a Bible Church.

2. An Emphasis on Missions -  The call to make disciples, both locally and globally, is at the heart of all that Heritage does.  We are a Missions Church.

3.  The Centrality of Worship - God created man in order to bring glory to Himself.  Worship, beyond just music, is about glorifying God in everything we do.  We are a Worshipping Church.

4. The Importance of Stewardship - All we have as individuals and as a church belongs to the Lord, and we are managers of His things.  It is our desire and duty to be faithful with what we’re entrusted.  We are a Stewardship Church.

5. The Privilege of Community and Fellowship - The church is a body and a family, bound together in love through Jesus Christ.  It is our desire to honor the body of Christ by building relationships that build us up and bring Him glory.  We are a Great Commandment Church.

6.  The Ongoing Task of Discipleship - Every ministry at Heritage is about fulfilling Christ’s final instructions by making disciples through teaching, baptism, and cross-generational ministry (meeting the needs of every group from the cradle to the grave).  We are a Great Commission Church.

7.  The Biblical Calling to Service - As a body, every member has a function which the Spirit has called us to.  We are servants of the Lord and of one another, working together in unity for a common goal and our common good.  We are a Serving Church.

8. The absolute Necessity of Prayer - We have been given no other means by which to access the presence, power, and protection of Almighty God than through prayer.  Everything we do must then be bathed in prayer if we are to have any success in our mission.  We are a Praying Church.