Opportunities To Serve


As we grow together we are expanding the scope and instrumentation of our music.  We like to offer opportunities for participation in the music ministry to those who have the heart and the ability.  We recognize that as God brings in new talents and new people that things will necessarily expand and change, and we welcome what God has for us!


We currently have the following opportunities available:


Sanctuary Choir - Our choir is open to anyone in the 9th grade and above.  We sing regularly (if not every week) and we ask that you commit to the full year (as you are able).  We practice every Sunday afternoon (except for holidays) at 4:30pm.


Seasonal Musicals - We know the weekly commitment isn’t for everyone, and so we open the choir up at Christmas and Easter to those who would like to participate in our seasonal celebrations!  Occasionally these opportunities also include drama for those who are inclined to serve in the dramatic arts.


Praise Team - Our praise team sings every week in the worship services.  They lead the congregation through music, inviting the congregation to lift their voices up together.  While we have a regular group that sings, we gladly welcome those who would like to fill in, alternate, and join us on a more regular basis.


Band - We currently use a band every Sunday morning and are always open to bringing on new musicians.  If you play guitar (acoustic, electric or bass), drums/percussion, piano, keyboard, violin, or cello, we want to hear from you.  All new musicians looking to join the band must audition for the Music Minister and should be competent enough on their instrument to join in with minimal direction.  The ability to read a lead sheet and chord chart are essential.  The ability to read music is helpful.


Solos - Every week we draw musicians and vocalists from the congregation in order to perform during our offering time and sometimes as an introduction to worship.  We value the participation of these individuals as they will often encourage us through song and testimony, as well as lift up songs of worship to the Lord.


Youth Praise Band - Every Wednesday night the youth praise band leads worship in the youth group meetings.  They also join the congregation periodically on Sunday nights to lead in worship or to perform music.  This gives a great opportunity for the teenagers to use their musical gifts for the Lord.


Whatever your musical gift, we would like to find a place for you to serve!  So feel free to contact David Jayne if you have any questions about these service opportunities.