Awana is a fantastic program that facilitates the church and parents working together to develop spiritually strong children who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Heritage has Awana Clubs for children age three through sixth grade. 


Cubbies - Preschool

Cubbies is designed to reach our youngest members on their level.  Cubbie leaders walk through each book with the kids, helping them to memorize their verses at each stage, and moving their group through the book together.  The leaders facilitate games and activities that help in this process as well.  There are two Cubbies books that our members work through.  


Sparks - Kindergarten through second grade

Sparks picks up where Cubbies leaves off and adds a more challenging and rewarding dimension to the clubs.  Sparks enjoy their group time, game time, and one on one support as they memorize verses and learn the Bible.   Sparks can complete a total of three books during their time with us.


Truth & Training - third through sixth grade  

While Awana Clubs can go through Junior High and High School, Truth and Training is the highest level we offer at Heritage.  Each consecutive book in the T&T curriculum challenges students to a greater knowledge of God's Word and a deeper understanding of their faith.  T&T members have the option of moving through four separate books at their own pace.  By the time a student has completed Cubbies through T&T they have a deep knowledge of scripture, a command of hundreds of verses, and greater grasp of how to use God's Word in their lives. 
Kids have a great time playing games, learning about Jesus and memorizing scripture as they work to earn badges and jewels. To learn more about the AWANA program you can visit their website at