Centershot Ministries is an interdenominational outreach ministry that uses the life-skill of archery as a tool that assists the local church to reach its' community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Centershot is for children 8 years old and up.  Several times a year we will offer a full Centershot Training class, which consists of several sessions of archery training and discipleship.  To find out when another class is being offered, contact the church office at (334) 365-2372. 
In between Centershot sessions we will set up a range at regular intervals, primarily for those who have been through the class to maintain and improve their skills.  If your child has not gone through the Centershot training program, but still wants to learn, they may come to the range day.  Before they are allowed to shoot on the range, they will have to go through some initial training.  If your child is coming for the range day without having attended regular Centershot, we ask that you fill out the form below and submit the information.
Shooting and all activities will be conducted inside the church.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Bryan Davis at 334-201-1175.